Members Trust investment team sitting at small table

Members Trust Company – the Forbes #1 Top Performer in Managed Exchange-Traded Fund Portfolios

Many Americans trust credit unions with their savings and investments. Since 2014, the number of Americans using credit unions surpassed 100 million. For most people, the customer-centric approach and proven stability of the credit union structure are attractive when deciding where to bank. It makes sense, then, that credit unions should work with a company […]

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Jonnathan De Jesus working on computer

Python in the Performance Team, Part 1: Finding the Problem

The team at Members Trust Company (MTC) includes some of the industry’s most innovative players. Possessing a blend of financial experience, administrative acumen, and a plethora of specialized skills, they generate unique solutions that have far-reaching implications. Jonnathan De Jesus, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, is one such example; he has already made a significant […]

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Adult female with special needs sitting in wheelchair in apartment

Special Needs Planning – The Basics about Preparing Financially for Your Child

In 2000, the US census revealed that over 20 million families had a family member with a physical or mental disability. That number has increased in the intervening 20 years, and each family requires ongoing, differential care for those members. Fortunately, medical advances have empowered families to take the necessary steps to provide that care […]

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