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Our Philosophy is Simple: Fewer, Smarter Decisions.

MTC Wealth Management’s portfolio management strategy is to capture risk premia inherent in markets, using active portfolio management based on fewer, smarter decisions. ETFs allow us to package low cost, liquid, transparent, and tax efficient vehicles in a way that is easily understood by advisors and members. MTC focuses on long-term strategic asset allocations and uses a Top Down Global Macro approach to tactically manage the allocation between asset classes in the short term. Any tactical deviations from strategic targets seek to capture temporary mispricings between risk premia.

Thoroughly Researched.

We take into consideration how economic indicators like global economic growth, labor markets, interest rate trends, and market valuations affect the systemic risk premia that are sought after by MTC’s portfolio management strategy.

Account Protection


We receive no compensation for investing in any particular ETF, nor do we invest in any in-house ETFs.


Our parent company, Members Trust Company, claims compliance with GIPS® standards. Members Trust Company’s commitment to the fair representation and full disclosure of investment performance is wholly adopted by Members Trust Company Wealth Management.

Opportunistic Rebalancing

Opportunistic Rebalancing.

We tactically manage our portfolios with opportunistic rebalancing strategies by changing the composition and weighting of the underlying holdings as the market fluctuates.

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